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Panda Now Offers First Class International and Regional Canadian Rates

Panda Postage savings and convenience aren’t limited to just domestic shipping; we also provide fast and affordable international shipping. With Panda Postage, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of international shipping through the United States Postal Service – without ever having to leave your home or business. Just print a Panda Postage label, place it on your package, and drop it at any convenient USPS mailing location.

Our partnership with the USPS allows us to offer savings on postage rates, so you enjoy low shipping prices. Plus, you’ll have access to a world-class package tracking system and shipping to almost anywhere – from major metropolises to old-world cities to jungles where Pandas roam free.

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Panda Postage has been providing full-service shipping for more than two decades, so if you’re looking for an international shipping option that is more convenient and cost-effective than any other retail location such as UPS or FedEx, trust us to get it there.

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