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There are so many reasons our customers are wild about Panda Postage. First and foremost, we make package shipping simple: just print a Panda Postage label from your computer, slap it on your package, and drop it at any convenient mailing location Just click the sign up page. Make sure to include your contact information so one of our mailing specialist can contact you to take advantage of the best service and pricing for what you want to do.

Next reason to love us: Panda Postage prices! We offer a discount on USPS shipping rates, so you enjoy the best possible postage prices for all services available on Panda Postage. (Just check out our postage calculator to compare!) Plus, we’re proud to be an authorized partner of the United States Postal Service because that means we can ship your package almost anywhere. as an Authorized partner with the United States Postal Service we are able to get benefits that you will not get on your own. Just call 800-803-7704 for more details

If you’re a small, medium or large business, you may have thought your only options were to purchase a costly postage meter, rely on traditional USPS shipping, or travel to the post office. However, thanks to Panda Postage, and with our new multi carrier software, tying in wtih the E-Commerce world you will love it even more. your options are not so black and white.

If you’re trying to figure out how to ship a package in the simplest, least expensive, and most time-efficient way, you came to the right place. Whether you need assistance with small package shipping or need to transport a large item, domestic or international, Panda Postage is always pleased to lend a paw – err, hand.

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