Updates Coming to Pandapostage.com...

You asked, and we listened. Panda Postage has been working hard over the past couple years on redesigning our website to make the overall process of shipping easier. Within this redesign, we will be bringing a number of new features and tools to better help you know exactly what is going on with the packages you ship! We know you have questions about this process and we want to address as many questions as possible ahead of time.

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  • Easier Bulk/Batch Processing for shipments
  • Ability to use an Alternate Return Address(s)
  • E-Commerce Integrations: link your shopping cart(s) & automatically pull in order information
  • Management over End-Of-Day Manifest Sheets/Scan Forms
  • Add multiple types of payments and auto-funding capabilities
  • Detailed Shipment History with integrated tracking of packages
  • New Reporting Tools to better help analyze your shipments
  • Multi-Carrier Options:
      • Connect your own UPS or FedEx account with our site and be able to compare pricing with our USPS rates and generate labels!

    Common Questions:

    When will the update officially launch?

  • The official launch is still TBD.
  • Each active user will receive an email right before the launch with the launch date and the steps needed to migrate your account to the updated site with ease.

  • Do I HAVE to switch to the new website?

  • No! If you are more comfortable shipping with the current version, we will have a link on the sign-in page to access the legacy version.

  • Will there be videos to help me understand the new user interface?

  • YES! We will have helpful videos available to all users that will explain all of the important changes. (How-to videos included)

  • Will my funds on my account be transferred to the new version?

  • YES! There will be instructions on how to completely migrate your account over. This will transfer your funds for you!
  • The migration will also bring your Address Book, Shipment History, and your saved preferences/account settings!

  • I use the Desktop Software for shipping, does this affect me in any way?

  • Yes and No. You will not need to migrate your account if you plan on continuing to use the desktop app. However, you will need to use the legacy log-in link to run reports for your account and manage your payment.

  • Will my Username and Password be the same?

  • Yes, your username and password will remain the same throughout the migration process!

  • Will there be any fees associated with using the new website?

  • NO! We are keeping the same business model as before. This means there will be no changes to the our USPS Rates, AND we will still have NO MONTHLY, ANNUAL, or STARTUP costs associated with our platform.

  • Additional Notes: We will be continuing our development behind the scenes even after this new version is published so we can continue to provide newer and better shipping solutions. We will continue to work on adding more Carrier and E-Commerce integrations as well as helpful reports.

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