Migrate My account

This page contains a walkthrough of how to migrate your existing Panda Postage account (including payment method & account balance) to our new shipping software.

  1. First, start by navigating to the Sign-Up page on the new website via the new Log-In page or via this link: https://panda21.pandapostage.com/SignUp
  2. Next, begin to fill out the form using the account information that is currently used on the regular/older website. *Instead of entering a 'Contact Name', enter your Username into the "Contact Name" field (Not case-sensitive).*
  3. NewSignUp

  4. Double check to make sure the Company Name and Email address match perfectly to what is utilized on the old version.
  5. Next, click on the "Submit Information" button located below the form and you will be presented with a "Thank You" message.
  6. SignUpComplete

  7. Once your form has been submitted, send an email to Support@PandaPostage.com with "Migrate My Account" as the subject line and your Company's Name and Address in the body of the email.
  8. Once our team receives that email and completes the migration process, you will receive an email stating that your account has been set-up and you can now begin shipping.
  9. Now that you have received the email acknowledging the completion of the migration process, you can Log-In to your account using this link: https://panda21.pandapostage.com/Account/Login